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It’s always hard to start something new, isn’t it? Well, for me at least it is. I find myself waiting until the “perfect” opportunity strikes…
There is no “perfect” opportunity or “perfect” time to do something new, so I am learning to just do it! Getting started really is the hardest part, all the excuses that could possibly arise get multiplied until fear prevents me from moving at all.
Today I did a few things that i have been putting off for too long. Anything put off more than twice is too long for me!

I make daily lists to keep me accountable for my actions. I start the list with a B,L,D,S and leave blank spaces to fill in as I go through my day what I eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Since I started keeping track of the food I ate, in addition to my commitment to movement once a day I have been able to lessen how much I consume daily and the choices I make when I pick my foods.
I do believe that my commitment to movement daily is an essential part of taking care of my health and helping me consume less food. I work hard daily to commit to different forms of movement and exercise which reminds me I should feed my body with tasty fuel as opposed to moderately tasty processed food.
So today what I did for myself was: I folded my laundry that has been clean and sitting in a basket for a week; I spent time with my family swimming; I wrote cards to some friends in a different city; and I rode my bike to the gym and lifted weights for 1 hour.
I was able to do these things today because I mentally reminded myself how important each of these actions are and how they will me benefit me now and in the future.
Today I am happy and a taking steps towards healthy living.
Namaste, from my heart to yours,

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