2 (Positivity + Motivation)

Hello! Today is a special day, it is the fresh start of a new week. It’s Monday, which I choose to view as a blank slate to refresh from the past and plan for the future. I am proud of my progress this week in my dedication to fitness and writing goals I set for myself. This post is coming from a space of peace and comfort in my home… the kitchen!

Foodie, is a term I would use to describe myself… that is to say anything about food makes me happy. Throughout the course of an average day, I think about food way more often than when it’s time to eat. Food is generally one of the first 3 thoughts that pops into my head in the morning: what time is it? what do I have to do today to be happy and productive? when was the last time I ate… am I hungry?

Now notice how I phrased those questions. Our inner monologue and the way we talk to ourselves has a big impact on our self image. That is why I chose to direct my thoughts towards towards judgement free and positivity. The first three thoughts of my day, help me to map out what actions I will focus on and what fuel I will use through the day. It is helpful for me to set daily, weekly and monthly goals.

This week, my goals are to go to the gym 5 times and to write 5 blog posts. This aim is a little high for my first week of committing to a goal again, but I am optimistic. For my goals, I think about what I would like to complete in how much time with specific numbers. Goals help me to stay connected to the bigger picture of my life and to not get lost. Just like how a company needs someone in charge, I am taking control of my life and becoming my own manager.

In this last week I have started going to the gym again. Often I will switch the style of exercise I am doing. This change keeps me fresh and from being on auto pilot. My favorite ways to get active include: walks with my dog and family, yoga, pilates, and cardio. These actions do not need any fancy equipment to start, so as Nirvana says “Come as you are…”

On days where I struggle myself to get active, I start simple, I stretch. Generally stretching feels so good in the moment that it becomes hard for me to stop and I move into a yoga flow. Depending on how much energy comes to me in the flow, I will add some pilates moves. I am not a paid yogi or pilates instructor but I have been able to find ways to make yoga and pilates work for me. There are great fitness videos on YouTube. For fun workouts in yoga and pilates of all experience levels, I watch videos from YogaWithAdriene and Blogilates. These videos get me moving and help inspire workouts I create for myself.

Other days I feel inspired to go to the gym. It is important for me to mention that I am not endorsed by the gym in any way. I work out at Planet Fitness (PF)  because I am able to work out for a low monthly rate. Membership is $10/month! PF has a wide range of equipment to use from free weights, weighted machines and cardio machines. This allows me to rotate between how I would like to work out for the day. PF has personal trainers at no cost for members who wants to know how to use which equipment for best results.

Meeting new friends at the gym and taking friends to the gym is a great way I motivate myself. It keeps me accountable. Mostly, it reminds me I’m not alone on my journey of health and self-love.

My best trick for staying motivated is to remind myself being active is about treating my body right. Many times I am able to convince myself I should get active to help me reach my latest body trim and weight loss goals. These reasons don’t stick with me. When I don’t see immediate progress towards my measurable goals, the fact I am treating my body right is the reason I keep moving. I find total joy in appreciating and treating my body right for all it does for me.

I hope we all can find some time to take care of ourselves today.

Namaste, from my heart to yours,



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