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Well hello, and greetings from my kitchen again!

I’m telling you, I love it in this place. I’m just so full of bliss at the experience of being able to consume delicious food daily. At this moment, I am enjoying a veggie burger that I got from Walmart… The brand is Field Roast and it’s my new favorite for meat alternatives that I can buy in a store. It is a grain-meat, a chewy, protein rich substance. Their meats are made from grains that are kneaded until most of the starches come out.

The texture and flavor is unbelievable. I’ve been eating various brands of meat alternatives for years. Field Roast, I like everything from them that I’ve tried. It’s more than “good for vegan food good”, it’s just good. It’s incredible what a difference grain meat has in the texture and flavor compared to soy/tofu.

I also like to make veggie burgers with a food processor at home. My recipe includes sweet potatoes, black beans and rice as the main ingredients. Then it is blended and seasoned to taste.

I just got back from the gym, so I wanted to add some extra protein to my diet. After a good day of lifting weights and cardio, it’s what my body is asking for.

About thirty minutes before I went to the gym, I had a small snack of 5-6 dates stuffed with a bit of almond butter. The dates are the perfect amount of digestable carbs while the protein in the almond butter keeps me full longer and gives me an energy boost.  The flavor of almond butter is so refreshing, and I’ve always been kind of an almond junkie anyways.

I’ll bring a small snack with me to work later, something with no heating or refrigeration necessary.  Usually my snack is a banana or apple.

A food habit I am trying to work on is making food on one of my days off for the week ahead. This way I can have meals prepared throughout the week and I’ll be out of excuses to not eat clean. I also try my hardest not to keep junk food in the house. But I do not live alone and sometimes my self-control fails me so that’s not always a possibility.

Instead, I am to try to keep healthy snacks around. Some of my favorite ‘clean’ snacks include:

  • seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower and hemp seeds,
  • nuts such as walnuts, pecans and almonds,
  • carrots and celery with hummus,
  • chips and hummus, salsa, or guacamole,
  • dried fruit such as mangos and cranberries,
  • fresh fruit such as pineapples, apples and avocados,
  • frozen grapes, frozen yogurt dipped blueberries or frozen bananas for smoothies and ice cream.

I also try to buy and support organic farmers whenever possible. Some food I buy non-organic because the pesticide count is lower. To help me I downloaded the “Dirty Dozen” app on my iPhone. The app shows me which fruits and veggies typically have the most and least amount of pesticides. Strawberries and apples are considered very ‘dirty’ while avocados and pineapples are not. The app is free, I recommend downloading it!

That’s my post for today,

Namaste, from my heart to yours,


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