11 (Minimalism)

Hello! Today I want to share a bit on minimalism and giving back. Minimalism can stretch to many aspects of life…. What we wear, own, cook, even what we do and say.

The most basic way for me to minimize my life starts with my wardrobe and my kitchen. I like to go through my clothes once every 6 months or after a big life change.

When I go through my clothes I like to look and see what have I actually used in the last 6 months… Anything I havent worn in that time I set aside to give away to a thrift store, charity and even friends! Friends love recieving new cute clothes so even if its old to you, they can appreciate the new to them clothes.

I like to keep a few basic things in my wardrobe. A few comfy clothes for casual wear; one or two professional outfits; one or two dress up date night outfits; a few cardigans, jackets and scarfs; a few tanks and shorts; a few jeans and long sleeves to layer with.

I have some sentimental things I dont wear or use as often as I could. I must admit that I have trouble parting with these things and I think thats okay! The things we find important to us are the things we should keep.

Now this is tricky because EVERYTHING could be sentimental if you chose to let it be. 

For me I care a lot about art and music, these are the things I find hardest to part with. I allow myself to keep my concert tickets neatly on a cork board. I keep my concert shirts even if I dont wear then very often, if anything I can justify working out or sleeping in those tees. I keep the posters and pins I’ve collected from festivals too.

I like to keep books that have really touched my heart and allowed me to grow or feel with my whole heart. I give away books I may never want to read again.

Theres no use in having a big book collection if you didnt throughly enjoy it enough to even recommend it. Someone else may find that and declare it a ‘new favorite book’. Ive gone into thrift stores and came out with some amazing books I don’t want to part with.

I keep my cookbooks and pots I still use but I find I’ve accumulated junk in the kitchen over the years I dont need. I keep enough plates and bowls and cups for the family I live with. Any more and I find I let dirty dishes accumulate until I have to do them. With less dishes my house and sink stays cleaner and more open.

Ill return to this minimalism topic later but for now I hope today we can be inspired to take baby steps towards downsizing.

Namaste, from my heart to yours


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