Thanksgiving is here!

img_5658Hello, my GrAteFull Friends and Family!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is one of my favorite holidays, even as a vegan with limited food options in some environments because there’s something so special about family and friends coming together over food. (Yeah, I know that’s not the historical reason we celebrate but BAH HUM BUG, I am here for the good vibes and food!)

I don’t have any new recipes I’m ready to share or any words of ‘vegan wisdom’ , but with that being said, I hope everyone gets to enjoy some quality time and quality food with people we love. Respect others decisions today when it comes to food choice and hopefully they will respect yours in turn.

I do want to say though that with all the wonderful indulgences we all shall partake in, we should try to be active and get moving at least once today. I just got back from a morning run with my dog Bear and my youngest brother David. That is my minimum but if I’m feeling spunky I might go for a post-dinner walk again to help me digest and not immediately fall into food coma.

I plan on spending some quality time with my family today, since everyone will be home at least for some of it. My grandmother who lives in town will be coming over to help cook and hang out with my family. I haven’t been able to have family time in a while due to conflicting schedules between work and school and life in general.  This opportunity to reconnect again with the people that matter most to me leaves me extremely grateful.

I am grateful for you, dear reader! Thank you for reading and sharing in my journey with me. Loves to all of you!!

I would love to hear from you my friends,

what are you grateful for and what types of food dishes will your stomach be GrAteFull for today?

Namaste, from my full heart to yours,

<3 Jessa


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