15 Ways You Can Change The World Today

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Today I am sharing my favorite 15 ways you can reduce your impact on the environment without changing your diet, since I already talked about that in a different post. We, as humans, are accountable for our own actions and how we live on this planet. We need to, as a species, live more responsibly. Some of these actions may seem small but if we all do what we can, little by little we WILL make a difference. Plus, my heart has been happier and lighter since I’ve made these changes and I think yours will too.


 ‘If you think you can’t make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.’

  1. Bring your own produce bag or shopping bag, even clothes and hobby shopping
  2. Bring your own cup, bottle or thermos with you when traveling anywhere- fill water from filters (or from larger water bottles when necessary) to reduce your amount of plastic and styrofoam purchased, which creates an unnecessary demand.
  3. Opt out of using straws or switch to bamboo
  4. Recycle old brita filters
  5. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush
  6. Shop online or with a friend/family member that lives close and also wants/needs to shop
  7. Create your own beauty and cleaning products
  8. Choose loose/bulk food over packaging with excess plastic wrapping
  9. Use alternative transportation- bus, train, bike, skateboard, roller blades, scooter, etc.- a few times a week.
  10. Cardboard over plastic- pasta boxes over pasta bags, boxed detergent over liquid
  11. Choose glass and stainless steel over plastic
  12. Reuse your glass jars- rethink food storage by choosing glass jars over ‘ziplock’ plastic bags and plastic tupperware
  13. Avoid “polypropylene” or “polyethylene” hidden plastic within a lot of beauty products- mostly those with exfoliates and opt for more natural exfoliates like apricot shells or cocoa beans
  14. Switch to an electric razor, or say no to shaving as often
  15. Have a waste free menstrual cycle… having a monthly menstrual is not an option for young women but we can choose for eco-friendly options like non-disposable cups or washable pads. I use a Moon Cup.

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