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Why I ran a 16K for the first time in my life…

Hello and Namaste! Welcome to Gr(AteFull) Eats. Today I want to talk about chimps… more specifically Save The Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida, and their 16K Chimpathon.  There are many chimpanzees in the world today being treated like they are not sentient beings. Many chimps are living in constant fear in research facilities that test on animals; being forced to perform in entertainment, and being subjected to the harsh environment of the pet trade. Save the Chimps is a non-profit organization that rescues and permanently houses chimpanzees in safe, loving environments where they can thrive. About Save The Chimps…

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Music for a Cause

Check out good music for a good cause. All money goes towards life giving water. Fundraiser for standing rock water protectors. I donated $10 Water is life, every bit helps Namaste, from my heart to yours Jessa Please follow and like us:

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