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History of the Toothbrush and Making The Switch to Bamboo Toothbrushes

“The earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the earth.” – Chief Seattle A few days ago I posted on GrateFull Eats and discussed my new bamboo straws, today I’m talking about bamboo toothbrushes! If you haven’t read my post on straws yet, you should go here: Why I Ditched Plastic Straws for Bamboo Straws This post will discuss how the modern toothbrush came into existence and the basics of a bamboo handle toothbrush. Before I get into the history of toothbrushes, I want to share that in 2003, a survey conducted by MIT showed participants ranking the…

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Why I Ditched Plastic Straws for Bamboo Straws

Ever thought about what happens to disposable plastic straws when they’re no longer useful? I have and what I found was not heart-happy information. I found out most straws end up in the ocean to be broken down and eaten by sea creatures. Finding this information sparked an interest in me to look for more ecological options. I found that the company I’ve been buying bamboo toothbrushes from also sells bamboo straws! What an exciting concept. Natural and biodegradable straws are not new ideas though. History of the Drinking Straw Straws made of rye were utilized in history by beer drinkers to filter out fermented particles.…

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15 ways you can lessen your environmental impact without changing your diet

Greetings and namaste, Today I am sharing my favorite 15 ways you can reduce your impact on the environment without changing your diet, since I already talked about that in a different post. We, as humans, are accountable for our own actions and how we live on this planet. We need to, as a species, live more responsibly. Some of these actions may seem small but if we all do what we can, little by little we WILL make a difference. Plus, my heart has been happier and lighter since I’ve made these changes and I think yours will too.  ‘If you think…

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10 Plant Based Food Prep Meal Ideas

10 Plant Based Food Prep Meal Food Ideas Today I will share 10 of my favorite simple plant based meals! I will try to add some new food photos later but for now, my phone is having trouble loading. Food Prep Idea 1. Oatmeal: This can be made fresh in the morning or overnight, as overnight oats.  To make overnight oats, use the ratio 1:2 for Oats: Liquid. For a serving for two, start with one cup of oats and 2 cups of milk of choice. If you have some chia seeds or flax seeds, add them for an extra…

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11 (Minimalism)

Hello! Today I want to share a bit on minimalism and giving back. Minimalism can stretch to many aspects of life…. What we wear, own, cook, even what we do and say. The most basic way for me to minimize my life starts with my wardrobe and my kitchen. I like to go through my clothes once every 6 months or after a big life change. When I go through my clothes I like to look and see what have I actually used in the last 6 months… Anything I havent worn in that time I set aside to give…

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