Who is Glitterfly Jessa?

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Welcome to my page.

I am Glitterfly Jessa…

This is my blog Gr(AteFull) Eats. I like to talk about my happiness as a vegan, my health and fitness journey, and ways to impact the environment positively.

I am an animal lover with a compassionate heart. With all my pets, it was love at first sight.

The first pet I took under my care was my snake Drako. He came to me as a 4.5 foot snake and has grown to be over 6.5 feet now. Next, I decided I wanted a furry companion to spend my days with. That’s when I adopted Bear, my very active black lab red nose pit bull. He currently weighs in at 95 pounds. After Bear, two years later, came Jazpurrr, my loving 15 pound Maine Coon. After Jazpurrr, came Orangie… the stray my boyfriend Cody and I rescued from off the streets. He is a 10 pound orange tabby with a cuddly personality. That’s all the animals I’ve adopted into my family to date.


My commitment to being vegan is a daily action I take towards better health and a healthier world.

Being a vegan is a lifestyle I committed myself to December of 2014. I slowly eased into it. Jumping into the lifestyle just didn’t work for me. Two years prior to my decision to go full vegan I went pescatarian- someone, that doesn’t eat meat, but still eats fish. Eating this way, allowed me to slowly cut back on the amount of animal product I consumed without putting my mind and body in shock.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to fully commit to being vegan. So while I was testing the grounds of veganism I allowed myself grace with certain foods, like handcrafted dessert. I would eat the occasional cookie with eggs and dairy and still called myself vegan.

Most of the time, the non-vegan treats I eat have been given to me in a loving manner, as a gift. I think it’s important to stick to your values but also to appreciate love when someone offers it to you in the form of food. Today I don’t always accept non-vegan food when offered but I’m working on saying no more because that’s something I can personally be proud of.


The two years with my transition from pescatarian then vegan were a serious battle. I would struggle to make healthier choices for every day eating. My eating habits always have been over indulgent. I love food and now that I am comfortable in my choices have no shame in saying it. I LOVE FOOD!

Being the foodie that I am, I think of food often and always have a new recipe I want to try. When I get my mind set on a dish it is impossible for me to ignore the call of the kitchen.

With time though, I have learned to find other things to fill my time so I am not letting food consume my mind. Doing art, going outside more, and learning to love working out were a few new habits I picked up. I would say starting a fitness regimen has given me a perfect way to fill my free time.


It’s perfect because before I work out, I eat… and after I work out, I eat. Staying active allows me to eat the food I want, and as often as I want, but actually feel good about it. I can be proud of myself for taking steps towards better health.

Since I’ve been working out it has been easier for me to eat clean to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If I were to eat unhealthy fats and not nutrient dense food, my efforts from working out are not being fully utilized. I  now like to eat a lot of whole foods, like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes.

My journey is ever growing and facing new obstacles every day but I remain true to my goals and allow myself grace when needed.

I hope by sharing my journey, it will lighten yours…

Namaste, from my happy heart to yours,

<3 Jessa