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Recipe: Superfood Camping Trail Mix

Welcome to Gr(AteFull) Eats; our newest recipe, Superfood Trail mix! Hi y’all! I know spring and summer are such beautiful times of the year. We travel more during these seasons which makes it harder to eat clean on the go. Today I am sharing with you a recipe for a superfood trail mix that is easy to make, and easy to travel with! I took this with me camping over the weekend, and I swear it helped keep me alive along with the fresh fruit I packed. My cooler was stocked with a bunch of bananas (literally a bundle, not…

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Vegan Chia Seed Jam Recipe // 6 Benefits to Eating Chia Seeds

Ch-ch-ch-chhiiiaa! Not talking about Chia Pets here, but Chia seeds… They’re a super food that is really easy to incorporate into daily living and recipes. Want to get more nutrition without making dramatic changes to your diet?  Start eating chia seeds! Chia seeds are a nutrient dense super food. They are low-calorie, and high in omega 3’s, digestible carbs, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and antioxidants. That’s 9 health benefits  from one food… heck, from one type of seed!  In one tablespoon of chia seeds, there are 60 calories, 5 grams of carbs with 4 grams of digestible fiber (15% RDV), 3…

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