Why You Need to Sweat & the DIY Deodorant Recipe to Keep You STANK Free

Hello Gratefull Friends and Family!

Hope you all have been doing OH SO well, and taking care of yourselves. This has been a really good year for me and for this blog. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I really want to help people, especially in the form of sharing free information to better ourselves and the world. This post is special… I’m sharing my first DIY aluminum free deodorant recipe with you.

Lucky you, huh? 🙂 

So here’s the facts on deodorants and antiperspirants:

Deodorants deodorize sweat and different funky smells from your body detoxing.

Antiperspirants prevent sweat from leaving the body, and we want to sweat. Keep reading to see why.

Most deodorants are actually antiperspirants with deodorizing properties. These contain an aluminum-based compound that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from perspiring… you don’t want that.

If you think it might not matter, hear me out. Aluminum is a neuro-toxin. A NEURO-TOXIN. If you want to read about 7 different chemicals you should avoid in deodorants you are purchasing, go here.

If you’re like me and you want to avoid aluminum and harmful chemicals then this recipe is for you.

This is NOT an antiperspirant deodorant recipe. This is a ‘prevents your sweat from stinking’ deodorant recipe… so fair warning, you will sweat wearing this. Sweating, in general, doesn’t bother me cause I can a bring a towel or bandana with me when I go out. It’s when I start to smell my body detoxing and the funk in the sweat that makes me self-conscious. That’s why I love having this natural deodorant recipe to beat funky smells but not stop the benefits of sweating.

aluminum free deodorant

So what’s the deal with wanting to sweat?

Sweating is a perfectly natural part of life. It has many benefits and it is nothing to be ashamed of, but proud of… your body is taking good care of itself. Here are some health benefits to sweating I found from an online fitness magazine:

  • Sweat eases pain by stimulating neurochemical pathways in the brain, resulting in the production of endorphins that act as natural painkillers – James Ting, MD
  • Sweat reduces pimples by opening your pores and releasing built up gunk. Be sure to wash your face after sweating otherwise the gunk stays on your skin. –Whitney Bowe, MD
  • Sweat helps the body detox by flushing the body of system-clogging substances like alcohol, cholesterol, and salt- Melissa Morin
  • Sweat helps prevent colds and other infections because human perspiration contains a naturally occurring antimicrobial peptide called dermcidin, which has been proven to fight tuberculosis germs and other dangerous pathogens, –Dr. Bowe 
  • Sweat helps regulate body temperature because the evaporation of sweat off of the skin prevents us from overheating during an intense workout- Dr. Bowe

(Some more helpful information: here’s a blog post I wrote on Vegan Eating For Those Who Workout)

aluminum free deodorant

Now that I’ve convinced myself (and hopefully you 😉 ) sweating is really good for our bodies and actually necessary… I will share my DIY aluminum free deodorant recipe with you. It’s really easy and only takes 5-10 minutes to make.

The DIY Aluminum Free Deodorant Recipe

Scroll down for the recipe I am currently using. Next time I make aluminum free deodorant I will share a vegan adaptation for it. Currently, I am making my aluminum free deodorant with beeswax because I bought the beeswax before I went vegan. As someone who is trying to be aware of my waste I put into the world, I felt wrong disposing of something that shouldn’t have been made in the first place. So I no longer buy beeswax, but until I run out I will continue to use it so the work stolen from the bees is not for naught.

Thanks for reading, I hope we all can use the resources around us to make the best-educated decisions for us.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on natural deodorants, aluminum in deodorants or anything you wanna say! Also please feel free to spread the love by sharing this article with your friends and family… we all want to be healthier and SHARING IS CARING. <3

Namaste, from my heart to yours,

<3 Jessa

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Natural DIY Aluminum Free Deodorant Recipe
The only DIY recipe you need for a family friendly aluminum-free deodorant. This recipe will not prevent you from sweating- because it's not an antiperspirant... this is a deodorant. This recipe is solid enough to be a deodorant stick in a tube, but I prefer to put mine in a jar and spread the deodorant with a wooden spoon or my fingers.
Cook Time 5-10 minutes
Sticks of Deodorant
Cook Time 5-10 minutes
Sticks of Deodorant
  1. Melt beeswax in double boiler, then add shea butter and coconut oil. Remove from heat and stir until mixed. Add arrowroot (or cornstarch) and baking soda and stir. Add essential oil and stir well. Pour slowly into a container of your choice, let cool. Enjoy your new aluminum free deodorant... and feel like a BOSS cause you just did that! 🙂
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