List of Plant Based Recipes

List of Plant-Based Recipes

Carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, vegetarians, vegans… come on in! These plant-based recipes are created so people, like you, can enjoy more veggies and healthy options without feeling deprived. You don’t need to commit to being a vegan to enjoy food like one 😉 

I use the words ‘vegan’ and ‘plant-based’ almost interchangeably but they mean different things. Check out my page here on the differences between a vegan diet choice/lifestyle and a plant-based diet choice.

A diet isn’t meant to feel like a chore; for us to be successful in becoming healthy and maintaining good health, we need to find a diet choice that we can enjoy. We need to not feel left out of exciting food. Food diet lifestyle choice is going to be different for every person.

Some people find it easy to avoid animal product on Mondays (Meatless Mondays is easy to remember) and some people find it easier to just add more vegetables and try new recipes without cutting anything out of their meal plans. Some people like me switch between vegan and vegetarian. I try to include lots of fruits and veggies in my diet.

At Gr(AteFull) Eats you will find recipes with ‘hidden’ veggies and superfoods. Recipes with whole foods that satisfy different cravings we all get. Even better though, recipes with whole foods that offer vital nutrition and allow one to benefit most from eating vegan, vegetarian or by any diet choice. 

Here are some of my recipes I have created and shared so far.

These can be enjoyed by people with many different palates and preference types.

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