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Healthy and Satisfying Zucchini Brownie Recipe

Part 2.5: Zucchini Protein Brownie Apologies for the delay! This zucchini brownie recipe was inspired by a post I found on Pinterest for a simple, protein zucchini brownie yummy and healthy enough for breakfast. Bonus, it is vegan, free from added sugars and gluten! I was a little skeptical trying a zucchini brownie recipe, but it fulfilled every desire I had… Crispy Outer Layer Rich and Sweet Soft and Creamy Inside Cake Like Texture (versus a brownie texture) Hearty and Filling I served this zucchini brownie recipe to my family with success. They don’t eat too much plant based Vegan,…

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Fresh and Healthy Cheesy Lentil Recipe

  First: my cheesy lentil toss recipe. This recipe doesn’t have exact measurements, except for the sauce. I figured everyone could make the amount they wanted based on preference and family size. I made mine 50/50 lentils/rice ratio and just added veggies I liked for flavor and nutrition. Cheesy Lentil Toss Rice and/or quinoa Lentils Broccoli Mushrooms Sweet bell Peppers Onion Fresh Garlic Cheese Sauce Cheese Sauce Yield: 1 1/3 cups sauce 1 1/2 cups unsweetened, unflavored almond milk* 3/4 cup nutritional yeast 1/8 cup coconut oil or margarine 1/8 cup flour 2-4 teaspoon dijon mustard 2 cloves fresh garlic,…

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Vegan Eating for Fitness Lifestyle, Pre and Post Workout Meal Ideas

Hello again, my friends! It’s been a while, not too long, but long enough for me to share two vegan food recipes today! One will be a vegan cheesy lentil toss and the other a simple vegan zucchini protein brownie. This will be a two part post; part one where I explain how I eat in regards to fitness and part two where I share the recipes. Vegan Eating for Fitness Lifestyle As this is a one-stop-blog for health, fitness, and good eats, I am going to share why I chose these two vegan recipes. Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on…

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6 (Why you should ‘Scoop the Poop’)

Hello! Today I want to talk about a not fun topic… the environmental benefits to scooping dogs poop when walking them or taking them outside. Now scooping poop is not my favorite thing to do when walking my dog, but it is a necessary and integral part of taking walks. Taking walks every day impacts my health and my dogs health in a positive way. It is a step towards healthy living I can make every day that requires little effort. The hardest part, honestly, is always leaving my house. As long as I pick a prime time to walk where its…

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