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Easy Vegan Falafel Recipe (with added greens)

Hello! This site has been going through a rebirth… PlantBasedFun has been rebranded as Gr(AteFull) Eats. PlantBasedFun started as a vegan blog for me to share my personal growth with health and fitness tips. I expect Gr(AteFull) Eats to continue to grow as such but also to have more focus on vegan recipes with superfoods and ‘hidden’ veggies, whole nutrition and living gratefully. For me, it is just as important to create food in a loving manner as it is to eat nutritious food. Any food created with loving intention will always have something better about it than any store bought version of…

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Simple and Healthy Plant Based Waffle Recipe

Namaste and Welcome to Gr(AteFull) Eats. Today I did some theme and site editing if like the way this blog is looking, please leave a comment about what you like specifically. I’m here to share a new plant based waffle recipe with you. I wanted to try a new recipe since I had been using my “whole wheat waffles” recipe and got tired of it. This new recipe is great. My brothers and I enjoyed these waffles a lot. Simple and Healthy Plant-Based Waffle Recipe The plant-based waffles are: Fluffy Not too dense Crispy on the crust Naturally sweetened with banana Made without eggs or…

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Healthy and Satisfying Zucchini Brownie Recipe

Part 2.5: Zucchini Protein Brownie Apologies for the delay! This zucchini brownie recipe was inspired by a post I found on Pinterest for a simple, protein zucchini brownie yummy and healthy enough for breakfast. Bonus, it is vegan, free from added sugars and gluten! I was a little skeptical trying a zucchini brownie recipe, but it fulfilled every desire I had… Crispy Outer Layer Rich and Sweet Soft and Creamy Inside Cake Like Texture (versus a brownie texture) Hearty and Filling I served this zucchini brownie recipe to my family with success. They don’t eat too much plant based Vegan,…

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Recipe for Vegan Ricotta Cheese

Hello! Today I would like to share a vegan cashew ricotta recipe with you… Those with no dietary restrictions or self imposed choices enjoy it, as do all the vegetarians and vegans that have tried it. I tried this recipe mixed into a ziti dinner for my family with success. While no one else in my family eats a vegan lifestyle, they are pretty open to trying new things and will always give me an honest review. Before I tossed the ricotta, sauce and pasta together I asked my mom to try a spoonful of just the cheese… Now I’ve has this ricotta before and…

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4 (Recipe: Natural Deodorant)

Hello! Today will have a 2 part post. Part one: a natural recipe for deodorant you can make at home! and Part two: my journey through the grocery store today. This is part one where I share my deodorant with you! This is NOT an antiperspirant deodorant. This is a ‘prevents sweat from stinking’ deodorant… so fair warning, you will sweat wearing this. Sweating in general doesn’t bother me. It’s when I start to smell my body detoxing and the funk in the sweat that makes me self-conscious. That’s why I love having this natural recipe to beat funky smells but not…

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