5 (Grocery Store Trip)

Hello again! This is part 2 of today’s post. I am posting twice today because I really want to share my grocery store experience. My brother and I rode our bikes 1.2 miles total to the store and back, we carried the food in backpacks and re-usable bags. My list looked a little like thisRead more

4 (Recipe: Natural Deodorant)

Hello! Today will have a 2 part post. Part one: a natural recipe for deodorant you can make at home! and Part two: my journey through the grocery store today. This is part one where I share my deodorant with you! This is NOT an antiperspirant deodorant. This is a ‘prevents sweat from stinking’ deodorant… so fairRead more

3 (Food Habits)

Well hello, and greetings from my kitchen again! I’m telling you, I love it in this place. I’m just so full of bliss at the experience of being able to consume delicious food daily. At this moment, I am enjoying a veggie burger that I got from Walmart… The brand is Field Roast and it’sRead more